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Because of wording Politics- Are you for or against abortion?

I used skewed wording before, so I'll try again.

3 years ago by nauthas with 2 comments

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  • Urbanknight4

    Rape, incest, and situations where either the mother's or the child's life in endangered or complicated in some way. Anything else is wrong because if you think about it, abortion is a get out of jail free card for women. Unfortunately, men have no such resource, and so if the woman is stubborn or something, they're doomed to provide for a child they probably didn't want in the first place. So we get rid of that panic button, and immediately people will be forced to be more socially responsible. I think it's dumb that so many people are unwilling to even consider condoms, but don't give abortion a second thought.

    What I mean by "life endangered or complicated" includes sicknesses and syndromes that make life harder than it has to be. This includes stuff like what if your child has severe deformations thanks to drug abuse on the mother's part. A chronic disease like Tourette's, children who will be bedridden forever, etc. I can't think of many diseases right now, but if it seriously messes up your life and confines you to a bed or a powered chair, maybe it's best your child isn't born. I mean, I love life and abortion kills people. But not if it's to bring them to suffer more than the rest of us have to. Life sucks already, it doesn't have to be hell.

  • ChrisTyler

    Personally, I'm against abortion in all situations. I don't think that there is ever a justifiable reason to take an innocent life- and yes, this includes cases of Rape, Incest, and where the mother's life is in danger. That said, from a policy standpoint, I've always agreed with President Clinton: "Abortion should be legal, it should be safe, and it should be rare."