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Does anyone have any tips on making cold-brewed coffee?

I'm looking to make it in fairly large batches if possible.

3 years ago by thesavagemonk with 8 comments

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Conversation 7 comments by 5 users
  • kigurame

    This method works really well for me Link to recipe

    • nestamon (edited 3 years ago)

      That looks great. The straining method seems like a little too much work. Would not just putting it in a French press the night before and then straining it in the press in the morning not be more effective and easier? Just thinking out loud here. I love iced coffee, too. Especially as the summer comes rearing it's head! Going to try the press method tonight. I will update in the morning.

      Edit: I tried the press method and I'm happy to say it worked great! There was no chalky or gritty taste at all and the cold brew process worked just fine. I just put in flat basket ground coffee (about 10% more than usual to account for putting it on ice) with a teaspoon of vanilla and cinnamon, then filled it with filtered water, wrapped the top with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight. In the morning I unwrapped, put the top on it and pressed it. Poured it over ice with a little cream and sweetener. It was nice to wake up to a ready to go cup of ice coffee!

    • thesavagemonk

      Giving this a try overnight. Thanks!

    • copymyjalopy

      This looks so delicious...must have iced coffee!!

    • uncornrage

      Wow, that looks amazing. I've been thinking of trying cold brewing, and now I definitely have to try it. I wonder what kind of grind coarseness would work best. Do you have any tips?

      • kigurame

        I just use filter ground canned coffee and that seems todo just fine.

  • caelreth

    I use 1/3 C of grounds per 1.5 C water. Mix and let sit in an airtight container overnight (I usually put mine in the refrigerator). The next morning, I put the liquid (as much as I can get without pouring all of the grounds out along with it) into a french press and use that to strain/pour the cold coffee into its 'permanent' container (a 1/2 gallon pitcher).