On Quality Content, and Where to Draw the Line


I have a question (actually a couple) for everyone. I moderate /t/fantasyart, and recently there was a post there that was, arguably, of lower quality, but still content relevant to the tribe. The picture in question was also cross-posted to /t/shittymspaint, so there is literally no question that it was a lower quality drawing. My first instinct was to remove the post, which I did, but after giving it more thought, I am now unsure.

I enjoy art, and I confess, I'm probably a bit of a snob. I browse a lot of extremely professional and high quality art every day, so upon seeing this piece, I felt like it didn't belong. Was I right to remove it?

I have since added an additional point to the rules of the tribe that posters should try to aim for higher quality content, in terms of technique and design in the art they are posting. Is this unreasonable?

I'd really like to start a discussion on this, because as Snapzu gains more users, the quality of content submitted could vary more and more. As chiefs it is up to us to decide what does and doesn't belong in our tribes, and it won't always be as simple as, "this isn't relevant content, it doesn't belong here."

8 years ago by ObiWanShinobi with 9 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    This is why specific rules for your tribe should be first considered, then created, and then followed by strict enforcement in order to assure your populace gets to share and view content worthy of the tribe's goals.

    • ObiWanShinobi

      Very true. I'm a little ashamed that I hadn't considered the quality of the work being posted as a rule before, but I definitely took this post as a precedent to add that new rule, and I've been thinking hard about the other tribes I moderate and their rules too.

  • joker

    I agree with drunkennija. while I may not agree with you on art, I don't have an art tribe because I know Jack.

    look at it this way: what is the average users expectation regardingregarding art quality?

    Set expectations and boundaries now, and your user base will mirror you. The ones who disagree will find a more fitting home elsewhere.

    on my phone, so excuse spelling/grammar errors.

  • Cobbydaler

    It depends on peoples views on 'quality'. You could parallel the argument with that between 'real' and 'naïve art'.

    • ObiWanShinobi

      It's true. People could think that simplistic modern art lacks quality, since so little technique was put into it's design, but others would argue that it is still art, and good art at that.

  • phosphorescent

    I think it all comes down to how you want to run your tribe. Granted, if you know the drawing was intentionally bad, it's probably best for the tribe. But at the same time, that's what votes are for.

  • AdelleChattre

    Using your discomfort as motivation to add a numbered rule to the tribe was sound thinking. Clearly put, numbered rules help you as much as they do the people that submit snaps to the tribe. Now it's as simple as ‘that post violated Rule No. 3 at /t/fantastyart.’

    What I think is maybe more interesting is whether you silently removed it or felt the need to let the submitter know somehow. If and when you did notify them, would you stress that you'd removed it or that they were welcome to submit better work in future? Would that have better been a private message, or a comment at the snap that might be less appropriate when the snap was viewed from other tribes?

    • ObiWanShinobi (edited 8 years ago)

      Here is where I have failed. I will reach out to the user immediately through a private message.

      I should actually apologize to the user for failing to have the correct rules envisioned before they came along to post their snap. At the same time, I worry that it might be hurtful to point out that I considered the work (especially if it's their own original content) lower quality.

      EDIT: Upon visiting the user's profile, it seems that they have disabled PMs...

      What is the best way to reach out in lieu of this?