Will this clan turn to Blog-mode when it becomes a high enough level?

I just was wondering if this place would become blogmode when it becomes level 10, so that you can verify that people are clan chiefs of active (not random ones with no recent posts). Maybe a bit of discussion on this would be interesting?

8 years ago by nauthas with 4 comments

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  • eightbitsamurai

    I think contributions from non-chiefs would be useful, to be honest. Unless blog-mode only makes it so that you can verify who posts, but anyone can still comment. I'm not 100% clear on that, to be honest.

    • nauthas

      I'm wondering that too... I do wish there were "private" subs though, so there could be a version of /t/chiefs that only active chiefs (not chiefs who just become a chief then don't do anything else) could get in. Like the modchats from reddit only far more accessible to smaller chiefs.