Which SciFi franchise is your favorite?

I've been playing through Alien Isolation and the atmospheric environments are amazing. It is making me fall in love with the franchise.

I'm not saying it is my favorite, but the Alien universe is pretty cool.

Other honorable mentions for me are:

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Doctor Who


Example image of Alien Isolation

6 years ago by Cheski with 4 comments

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  • bogdan

    Stargate SG1. Really enjoyed the way everything evolved in that show. The tiered civilizations, the evolving humans, the story. Everything was great.

    • Cheski

      Did you watch SGU? I felt that series was deserving of much more love.

      • bogdan

        I did. I have to say, I did not enjoy the first season that much. It felt much like Battlestar Galactica, filled with too much drama for my taste. But the second season, with the constant pressure from the outer space dangers, it really started to get damn entertaining. It felt such a shame that they cancelled it before it got a chance to show what it is capable of.

        • Cheski

          Exactly what I felt. The characters were starting to flesh out. It had such a rich universe to pull from, which it was starting to do, but silenced before it really got off the ground.