[Riddle] How did he escape?

Kind of a silly one but hey! It's a good time.

A man is trapped in a room with no windows and no doors all he has is two halves of a stick. The is no openings in the room at all and he has in his pocket a roll of duck tape. How does he escape.

Post your answers at the bottom and see if you got it correct. Remember it's a little ridiculous.

5 years ago by Csellite with 7 comments

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  • Csellite

    Answer: He tapes the to halves of sticks together and makes a hole to climb out

    • idlethreat (edited 5 years ago)

      Awkward wording, I think this flows better:

      He tapes the sticks together to make a hole stick, which he climbs out

      (but still a good riddle!)

      • wolfeater

        I've always heard it as you tape the two sticks halves together because two halves make one hole

      • Csellite

        It was a little awkward thanks for making it better. It's something I pulled out of my ass from when I was a kid.

    • the7egend

      But putting two halves together doesn't make a hole, it makes a whole.

  • cunt

    The man payed the guards and the cartels to help him escape because he was: "El Chapo"