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Update: Bookmarklet Time Out Fix

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days we have been working on correcting the "time out" issue that has been plaguing the bookmarklet (Snap it!) functionality. We have been able to pinpoint the main issue and have since corrected it. Unfortunately, the nature of the fix will not automatically correct the "Snap it!" function within your bookmarks bar since the JS code within it is essentially copied and pasted.

The good news however is that you can follow the steps below to update your bookmarklet JS script.

Step 1. Click on the main avatar button located within the top bar.
Step 2. Within your drop down menu, click on the "Post Overview" link.
Step 3. Once in post overview, locate and click the bookmarklet button at the top of the right bar to bring up the bookmarklet popover.
Step 4. Drag the updated "Snap it!" function into your bookmarks bar, and be sure to delete the old one if you still have it there.

Please note that sites like MEDIUM.com, THERINGER.com, etc. will still timeout as they have specified within their header to block sites that are outside of their network of approved web properties (white list). This means that the Snapzu bookmarklet will never be able to load on those websites unless otherwise specified.

We hope that one day we can work with these companies to all the use of our bookmarklet code.

P.S - For those of you who would like to read a bit into "Content Security Policy" in regards to bookmarklets and extensions, can do so here.

1 year ago by drunkenninja with 1 comments

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  • hxxp

    Thanks, it started getting really bad in the past month or so.