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[Announcement] Weekly round-up posts for our popular categories

Hello, friends!

We are excited to announce the introduction of our weekly (and sometimes monthly) top lists of content posted on Snapzu for each of our existing front page categories. Not only will these handy lists promote some of the best features of Snapzu, they will also help spread the word about our great communities, along with the amazing members that make it all happen. Day in and day out, Snapzu features some of the best content on the web, and while the front page is great for us regular Snapzites, it’s not the best way to spread around in a shareable and easily digestible format. We truly feel that these lists will generate maximum glory to those who take the time to find and post great content for all of us to enjoy.

We will be rolling out with a few selected initial categories, and will slowly make room for most of them as we continue making tweaks to make them as useful and valuable as possible. Each list will consist of a curated list of top 20 snaps (maybe more, maybe less) posted in the past 7 days, within the included tribes of said category, and sorted by total global vote score. Up to five related links will be included per listed snap, if available, providing maximum value to even the older posts of that week. Every list entry will also link to the comments areas as an attempt to keep discussions going longer and with more people. These list snaps will be posted only to the /t/bestofsnapzu tribe, however with the upcoming mirroring functionality (coming next month!), tribe leaders will be able to include them (along with any other snaps) in their tribes.

Now, of course, if these lists don't generate any outside eyeballs, it defeats much of the whole purpose. Therefore, we really hope some of you can take a few minutes of your time, whenever you can, to share these lists on other platforms you have an active presence on, including the likes of Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter, Delicious, and any other platform where this type of content will be appreciated. Every share counts and it really means a lot!

So without further ado, here is the first official list of the top 20 snaps of this week in the Technology & Web category. We hope it's the first of many!

2 years ago by teamsnapzu with 5 comments

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  • 90boss

    I like it. Might be very usefull for me this summer since I can only go online a handful of times a week.

  • baron778

    That list looks great. Looking forward to that mirroring function.