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What's the hardest part of your entire process of writing a blog post?

Just the writing process... including brainstorming. But not anything on the promoting side.

1 year ago by SunAnvil with 7 comments

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  • rookshook

    Definitely the organization part of it all, section by section. I'm very picky about where everything goes so that it all makes sense and stays entertaining the whole way though.

    • SunAnvil

      This is exactly why I avoid long posts. I try and stay between 500-800 words, so organizing it is much easier. Thanks for the reply!

  • FF88

    The part that is clearly an issue for me is finishing. I have like 12 posts that are like more than half done but I either lost motivation or just got bored so I never actually finished them and they are just rotting away on my drive. I've read that this is a common problem, so I'm actually gonna try and force myself to finish one before starting another.

    • shwarber


    • SunAnvil

      I know exactly what you mean, I have a few unpublished posts that I seriously need to re-visit sooner rather than later.

  • theway

    English is my second language and I'm blogging in English (mainly to learn it better) so grammar and spelling are my biggest obstacle. I live by grammarly and speck check.

    • SunAnvil

      You will get better, trust me!