Welcome to the /t/BES tribe! What exactly is this place?

Welcome to the official /t/BES blogging (and vlogging/podcasting) community. It is just one of thousands of user-run communities on the Snapzu platform.

Here you will find QUALITY user-submitted news, links, articles, opinions, advice, tutorials, strategies, and musings on all types of relevant topics such as blogging, vlogging, podcasting, writing, social media, networking, creativity, motivation, productivity, and other common interests among content creators. We also welcome any text posts, such as questions, suggestions, opinions, strategies, and experiences. As bloggers ourselves, our main goal is to create the best and most robust community (and knowledge base) of its kind.

Here's a quick (tl;dr) summary of how this platform works:

  1. Anyone can run a community, and it's completely free. If you run a blog, vlog, or podcast, a community can extremely beneficial for its growth and engagement and here's why.

  2. An up/down voting system is used for quality control and to collectively self-moderate as a community. Popular, quality, and overall good posts stand out, while poor quality posts and spam get obliterated.

  3. Top posts work their way up with more up votes and eventually end up on the Front Page of Snapzu. This is where we showcase the best content from all communities.

There's (obviously) a lot more, but to keep things short and to the point, here's a great short video review segment by the “This Week in Technology” crew from just a while ago.

A call to action:

If you are a blogger, vlogger, writer, podcaster, any combination of those, or anyone that runs a website and can benefit from this community, feel free to dive in on all the great content available. And if you like what you see, don't forget to make an account so you can participate!

Feeling chatty? Feel free to create an account and introduce yourself to, and/or discuss with other like-minded members!

Have something cool to contribute? Feel free to submit it, just please follow our rules and etiquette (especially that part about the 10% self-promotion rule!)

Want to try something different, grow your mailing list 3x faster using a brand new way, and get your audience involved? Start your own community in (seriously) under 5 minutes! It can help you like it helps us.

If you enjoy the content, feel free to also spread the word about this place to other fellow bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, or anyone else you think may find it valuable and/or worthwhile. The more people we have, the stronger the community becomes as a whole!

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you around here and on other communities across Snapzu!

6 years ago by j0rg with 2 comments

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  • j0rg (edited 6 years ago)

    Quick note to our awesome and valued existing members:

    This text post is written and intended for new users (particularly bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and content creators) that will be landing onto this community via our blogging and networking channels. We intend for it to be “stickied” to the top of this tribe for an extended period of time, so that new members that find their way here can quickly understand what it's all about and what they can and can't do here. Let's give them the big, warm Snapzu welcome they deserve!

    As mentioned before, these people are the leaders that we're hoping to attract. They are more than qualified to run tribes because they already took several steps to create their online home, whether it's a blog, vlog, or podcast. Providing them with a community to build around that is what we want to accomplish. We truly want to lead by example and prove how a community can be a real plus for them.

    And yes, there are always some “bad apples” that can paint a dark picture on the entire community they belong to and represent. This is completely normal and unfortunately comes with the territory. However, MOST bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and influencers fully understand that's not how you build relations or promote your work without ticking off a lot of people.

    The controversial “down vote” exists for many reasons, however its most efficient use is to keep the “bad apples” out! You know, the ones that only take and don't give anything in return. So as always, if you suspect anyone breaking the global rules and etiquette, particularly the 10% self-promotion rule, don't be hesitant to use it as that's exactly what it's there for. We fully understand that uncontrolled spam can ruin a community (and even an entire platform), and we will not let that happen... not on our watch.

    Finally, as you may already know, Imzy, a similar platform that was somewhat competing with Snapzu recently closed down mainly because they could not pivot to find a viable business model. As a completely bootstrapped company, we've always been in a similar situation, however we feel like we finally found the right strategy to pivot towards that makes real sense for everyone on all sides of the spectrum. Without this pivot, we would likely be facing a similar fate as Imzy sooner rather than later.

    For those reasons, if you can, please consider upgrading your account to Platinum for a small contribution of $5/month. Every little bit counts!

    Thanks for your time.

  • paddystacks

    Been here for a few weeks now and really enjoying the content. Thanks for the invite!