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  • neg8ivezero

    Stuff about me:

    1. I live in the Southeast USA and like to backpack in the Appalachian foothills and mountains.

    2. My love for the outdoors and backpacking developed from going on stealth backpacking trips with my close friend.

    3. I am a hammock guy for the comfort, weight, and ease of use.

    4. I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on my hobby so my gear is mostly budget stuff, DIY, used, or surplus. I practice "no trace" camping and firmly believe everyone else should too.

    5. I am terrified of grizzly bears (this is why I stay in the southern Apps rather than venture into the Rockies or go up north).

    6. I am /t/keto and do not eat more than 40g of carbs on the trail, I don't eat more than 20g on regular days. I know this freaks a lot of people out but if you do some research, it is actually very safe and I assure you, I am not losing muscle :)

    7. I nearly died once while backpacking because I read a product description wrong. I bought a new sleeping bag for a winter trip and made sure to get one rated for 0 degrees as I didn't know how cold it would be at the elevation we were climbing to. Well, ends up the elevation made for a much colder than expected night (-13F) and I quickly found out that my bag was rated for 0 degrees... CELSIUS. I was near hypothermic but luckily my buddy and I had both bought a HUGE package of "Hot Hands" and we were able to stuff all of them into my clothes/bag to keep me warm.