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Rules Discussion

Welcome one and all! I would like to establish an open-ended discussion regarding the rules and focus for this tribe. I hope I've laid out my vision for this forum succinctly, but there's always room for improvement. Certain rules are not up for discussion, such as abusive behavior. What I invite you to do is go over the posted rules and let me know if there's anything you think should be added, subtracted or modified in some way.

Do Not:

  1. Make abusive posts/comments.
    It's one thing to criticize a person, organization or idea. It's another to advocate violence or abuse.

  2. Engage in personal attacks.
    Attack the argument, not the arguer.

  3. Harass or troll other users.
    Singling people out for harassment will not be tolerated. Neither will posting snaps, discussions or comments whose only purpose is to deride this community. If it violates Snapzu's Terms of Service your behavior will be reported to the admins. If you don't like someone, leave them alone. If you don't like this tribe, don't visit.


  1. Speak your mind.
    This is meant to be an open market of ideas, a place where you can say what you can't at home or work because of backlash. Social acceptance of atheists and nonbelief is still a work in progress, and just because someone doesn't experience negative reaction to it doesn't mean that holds true for everyone.

  2. Source your material.
    If you post an image or a quote that you did not create yourself, give us the source for it. Unsourced material may be removed at moderator discretion.

Anyone can post or comment here as long as it has something to do with atheism, agnosticism or secular life. Posts criticizing atheists or believers alike are relevant and no one will be removed simply because they disagree.

If you feel that something doesn't belong here you're welcome to make your case but you're better off leading by example. Post what you want to see rather than criticize what other people are posting.

3 years ago by spaceghoti with 6 comments

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  • a7h13f

    I think that's a pretty succinct list, and I think it covers most of the "main offenders" of other atheist forums. Of course, I expect a certain amount of trolling to occur here once the community reaches a certain size, but I think that's an inevitable part of Internet culture.

    You shouldn't need to, but you may want to specifically mention posting personal information along with advocating violence or abuse.

    • spaceghoti

      You shouldn't need to, but you may want to specifically mention posting personal information along with advocating violence or abuse.

      I was thinking that Do Not #3 covered that one, as it singles people out for harassment. I can add it explicitly if necessary.

      It might also behoove us to post a link to the Terms of Service which covers all of this including posting personal information (#6).

      • a7h13f

        A link to the site ToS probably covers all of that, maybe a Do Not #4: Break the Snapzu Terms of Service?

        • spaceghoti

          Refresh the page and see what you think.

          • a7h13f

            I think that covers it!

  • spaceghoti


    no one will be rejected simply because they disagree.

    I'm thinking that would be better phrased as "no one will be removed simply because they disagree."