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Have you ever been robbed?

3 years ago by 8mm with 9 comments

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  • Qukatt

    does my sister taking all my shit count?

    all the time. The most expensive thing she took was a Pandora bracelet with heaps of charms i'd be gifted over time for various events.

  • hxxp

    Once for a measly 5 bucks. All I had on me.

  • trails

    Unfortunately, yes. Ironically, they were all at times when I was young and broke. I was held up at gunpoint once, and to the perp's chagrin, I only had my driver's license and a few dollar bills on me. Mugging a young student on a dark running trail near a campus is not exactly going to be addressing a lucrative market. Beyond that, had my car broken into a couple of times and actually stolen once. When the cops found the car, it was sitting on its frame without any wheels. That was a fun day.

  • massani

    Yes once. My second day in Barcelona.

    We were in a large group at the back of a restaurant. We were pretty much the only ones there eating as well. Some girl disguising herself as a beggar just came waltzing in and put a sign down over my plate. We shooed her off but it took another 20 minutes for me to realize that she had put her sign directly over my phone, and ended up swiping it.

    That's what happens when you're so used to setting your phone down on the table. Anyways we were only there for another 3 days I think and 2 other people in our group got pickpocketed. After that, our study abroad program just wrote off returning to Barcelona.

  • oystein

    I have been conned, but not robbed. A guy claimed he had forgotten his wallet and needed money for the bus trip to pick it up. He promised to give me a bottle of wine, so I gave him my phone number. Showed up on my door the next day asking for more money "cause his boss lived out of town". Today, I would have given someone the money for the bus on the condition they never contact me again.

  • Tieum

    So far have been mugged at knife point and been in an armed robbery twice. I was the manager at a family restaurant, the first time I was a little bit late for work, work in the front door and saw everyone (people who work there) standing around, next thing I have a pistol being stuck in my back. Since I had the key (stupid manager name tag), they took me to the back to go open the safe for them. Second time, same restaurant, new location. This time I didn't have the key. so a screaming contest between me and the dude with the pistol until the other manager through the key, took the money in the cash register and left. My house has been robbed, car broken in to. The joys of living in South Africa.

  • Traveler

    We were living in the UK in the mid-90s - one night the dog alerted me to a noise in our driveway - a couple of crooks had broken into my wife's brand new BMW 318i - by the time I disturbed them they had ripped out the radio, and removed all four wheels - thanks to the dog's warning I chased them off and called the police - by the time repairs were done, insurance premiums were raised and such like it probably cost me $1500 or more.

    A few days after we got the car back from the repair shop my wife parked it at the train station when she took the train into London - when she got back she discovered someone had broken into it again by smashing the window - the radio was gone again. Another insurance claim!

  • Odin (edited 3 years ago)

    Almost. I work in a museum at the front desk. The desk was shaped in an L shape, so if you were in the museum shop part, you could see the cash register, which was in the corner, but not the entrance door.

    I was organizing the shop a bit, and I heard the desk door open and close. I thought it was just my colleague, but still I kept an eye on the cash register. Usually if a colleague would come in the desk area, he would check around the corner to see if there's any of his colleagues. That didn't happen this time. So, being a good colleague I decided to take matters in my own hand, and walk around the corner to greet my colleague. However, the man I saw, was not my colleague, and he was going through my bag which I kept my lunch in, and a book for if it turned out to be a slow day. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied - visibly shocked- "Ehh, where are the toilets?" Now I'm not a big dude. At the time I was 17 years old and scrawny as fuck, so I thought to myself I can't throw this dude out. I just pointed him to the toilets, hoping he would go away, which he did.

    Right after he left, I called my colleague over the walkie-talkies we had, he was outside at our museum's tour boat. As I called him and told him what happened, the alarm of the museum went off. (That basically means the back door has opened, which it shouldn't.) I urged my colleague to come back to the museum so he could turn the alarm off - I wasn't leaving the cash register and my bag alone after that dude came in. Between me asking my colleague to come back and him actually getting to the museum, some visitors came. The alarm was still sounding and it was loud as fuck. I decided to have the visitors wait for a minute until my colleague came back.

    My colleague came back, turned the alarm off, and came to the desk area. I gave him a description of the man and he walked around the museum to see if he could find him. He couldn't find him, it turned out the man had fled through the back door, triggering the alarm.

    Luckily, he didn't steal my lunch. It was delicious.