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Americans of Snapzu, how did you spend your Thanksgiving Day?

Americans of Snapzu, how did you spend your Thanksgiving Day?

3 years ago by kiltman with 5 comments

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  • Lievren

    I slept in and then roused myself in time to go eat too much. Listened to some great stories told by an older gentleman who joined us of his tales of the 57th street crowd he ran with way way back in the day. I did my level best to give the pumpkin pie its due respect though I was by then quite full. Then I came home to hot bath and donned cozy (elastic waist) jammies to recover with a vow to live to jog it off another day.

  • Fuyu

    Got woken up by my parents to eat some monkey bread and take my medicine then slept until the afternoon while they went to a "dinner" with friends. After I woke up, I played a game of League with my ex then went back to sleep until my parents woke me up again for a movie night where we watched A.I.: Artificial Intelligence which is an... interesting movie. And now I'm online killing some time until my friend comes online so we can chat.

    My family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving until Saturday because my mom's side is the only side that meets up and they've taken the roll of the "secondary family."

  • frohawk

    I read about the hypocrisy of Thanksgiving celebration in the American culture and spent the day transferring data between two SD cards, and figuring finances like an adult.

    Also, eating huge marshmallows with a spot of hot chocolate here and there.

  • CrookedTale

    Feeding my face, getting drunk on rum and wine, and listening to the smooooth jams of the 70's. Now i better get to bed before I fall over.

  • BucksinSixxx

    Went to my uncle's house, ate really dry turkey and some pretty bland food, watched football, and listened to them complain about minorities and "dumbocrats"

    I hate Thanksgiving.