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My computer did an automatic upgrade and I lost EVERYTHING!!!!

All of my bookmarks. My screen names and passwords. Everything. It's all gone. Is there anything I can do to recover them? I can not believe they are allowed to do this. Why hasn't somebody started a lawsuit? This is bullshit.

2 years ago by RoamingGnome with 14 comments

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  • Splitfish

    Ouch I feel your pain. Windows 10?

    • RoamingGnome

      Apparently. I had a message telling me that I need to restart my computer to finish the upgrade, so restarted it and left the house. When I came back it was clear that something was up because my background was different and a bunch of my icons were gone from the desktop.

      • cunt (edited 2 years ago)

        Check the C: drive and the C:\users folder for folder named yourusername.old

        Partition your HDD into a C:(system) and D:(Data) partition in future to save yourself hassle

        Go to updates & security > Select advanced options and select > Defer feature updates too

  • AdelleChattre (edited 2 years ago)

    Wait, how ‘gone’ is everything? Do you mean you’ve lost only the things in your web browser? Or are all the things on your desktop gone as well? Pictures, documents, music, all the rest? Have you looked at your user folder yet? What browser are you using? What version of Windows were you on before, if you know?

    • RoamingGnome

      I didn't even notice that. Yup. My pictures, downloads, everything. That stuff has got to be in a file somewhere. I'll Google this problem later. I gotta go smell some roses.

      • AdelleChattre

        All I know is not to let those smug Microsoft bastids get to you. That’s what they want. Odds are they’re too full of themselves to simply destroy your data. No, they’ll have hidden it somewhere out of the way like in the Users folder under a Public directory. Or at the root of the volume in a Network directory. You know, so you’ll be the one to destroy your data not even knowing it’s in there. They’ll have put it beyond the scope of the search indexes, too, because otherwise your hair might not go gray overnight as you panic about losing a lifetime’s worth of family photos. One of these days, you sadistic Washingtonian misengineers… One of these days.

    • RoamingGnome

      Chrome and Win7 (I think?). How funny. I'm not sure what OS version I was on. That speaks to the stability of Windows these days. I haven't reloaded my OS in years and hadn't even realized it.

  • RoamingGnome

    And, why wasn't this stuff saved with Google? Man, somebody seriously dropped the ball on this one.

    • drunkenninja

      Do you have another computer, perhaps an old laptop that may still have the bookmarks, passwords, etc? If so, you can try and sync that up with google and then move that info over. Interesting that google chrome hasn't saved your info.

  • kxh

    IT says: backup, backup, backup. Don't trust your stuff to one computer, one operating system, one browser, one cloud, or frankly any cloud.

    Always use a password safe and always back it up.


  • Gozzin (edited 2 years ago)

    And this is why I have two computers and I don't use Windows. Anyway,I'm sorry this happened.