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  • CluelessKiller

    I'm going to be studying physics.

    The exam advice is a new one to me. Never had someone suggest relaxing the day before an exam.

    I agree with the advice on notes. I've see many people who urge students to go over and expand on notes, and it's something I need to be better at.

    I'll make sure to remember the writing advice for when I've got reports to write.

    Thank you for all your advice.

    • hitthee (edited 4 years ago)

      Everyone used to comment on how relaxed I was going into an examination, that's how I did it. That and I accepted there was nothing else I could do at this point but that's a personality trait I can't pass on:P. Cramming all night does nothing but wear you out. Exhaustion causes you to make stupid mistakes. Additionally exhaustion causes your recall mechanism to not function properly that and of course for data to be absorbed by the brain you need rest.

      You should always eat well.

      Biology and its processes are natural and automatic so give in to its needs as its your instinct to stay alive.

      Acquiring refined scientific knowledge is an artificial construct so it will always take a back seat to your automatic processes this is basic survival instinct. In short if your hungry you won't be thinking of much else than acquiring food. Comically it's the same reason you shouldn't grocery shop on an empty stomach.

      Why is acquiring refined knowledge artificial? you won't die from not knowing that the neuron myelin sheath is segmented but you'll die from not eating.

      • CluelessKiller

        Thank you! I struggle to remain relaxed before exams, but maybe I can try harder to suppress that.

        And I'll ensure I'm getting all the food and drink that I need to stay alive and well :P

    • Qukatt

      he's right. If you don't know it the day before the exam, you don't know it.

      Another tip there is if you can explain the information to someone who doesn't have any background knowledge in the subject and they understand then that's not a section you need to worry about :)