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  • zants

    Vacations. You have to pay for transportation to and from the vacation, and pay for the activity itself. You can just as well relax at home for free.

    • zerozechs

      I'm going to disagree with you on this one; vacations are about experiencing new things or getting away from the norm. What you've described is good and useful.. but not a vacation.

      • BucksinSixxx

        Yeah, I go on vacation to get away. It breaks the mundane routine of life.

    • Medicine

      Dude I totally disagree with this. You know how if you eat too much sugar then sweets stop tasting as sweet? That's what happens when you surround yourself with the same environment every day and never experience new things. Seeing new places and environments helps you to appreciate what you have, and what you don't that other places offer

    • ColonBowel

      But what if I want to brag on Facebook?

      Seriously though, especially if you live somewhere that tourists visit. There's probably lots of stuff that you can do there.

      • KingAztek

        As a guy who lives in Southern California, just let me say the following:

        Paradise gets boring sometimes. We all still acknowledge that we live in one the best places on Earth, but shit, it truly is boring sometimes. What's wrong with me wanting to go see the Eiffel Tower? Or the Parthenon? Or Times Square? There are other nice places in the world too, and some of us would like to see the other nice places, not just the one we live in.