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Be honest; what is your opinion of the influx of users from reddit?

As a new user, the overall consensus has been welcoming, but I'd like to hear your honest opinions. Thanks!

3 years ago by checkelman with 7 comments

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  • TheGuyThatsMeh

    I was hesitant at first, if I am to be honest with you. I went trough the introductions though and all the new members seemed quite friendly and kind. This is exactly the type of users that we want. As long as the new members are as kind as they have been, I have no problem with then influx.

    • exikon

      Yeah, I'm one of those from reddit and from the first look it seems that snapzu attracts a nicer refugee crowd than voat for example. Hopefully it stays that way and snapzu can expand in a good way without going down the drain.

  • Fuyu

    It's actually kind of awkward. I've been looking for a Reddit alternative for over a year (before all the leaving drama started over AMAs and fatpeoplehate) and I don't know why Snapzu passed under my radar for so long and only showed up now that EVERYONE is looking for an alternative. So it's awkward being lumped in with all the other Redditors who only just now have had enough. Luckily everyone is pretty friendly so there doesn't seem to be any judgement about my timing.

  • priok (edited 3 years ago)

    I came over here about a year ago, not for any real reason other than I wanted to explore some more websites. I didn't really do anything on here until now, so I don't know how active it was the whole time I've been a member here, but I mostly remember it being pretty inactive. I think it's nice to see more members on here, it's a cool website. So far all of the posts I've seen have been alright too

    • Roundcat

      I feel the invite system may have something to do with that. During the first great exodus (banning of fatpeoplehate) Most people went over to voat because there was no prerequisite to join. Having an invite system means you need to have patience to join, while voat took anybody. Since there are rules for joining this aite, the people that snapzu got were the ones who were willing to follow the rules.Not only that but voat kinda took the worst of reddit since not everyone was bothered enough by the ban. This current exodus is more administrative based than principle based since most of the community feels that the site is being mismanaged and is being tweaked for the sake of advertising.


    I was one of the reddit refugees recently after the fallout. I think this site should do fine because of the invite system so all the bigots and idiots can't easily get in. I think the site is promising and can have a bright future of thoughtful discussion. If only it had an android app...

  • Fooferhill

    The invite system is useless. Invite codes are being posted on reddit-sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the invite system won't idiot proof SNAPZU.