• Lythos

    If you forget someone's name, introduce them to someone else. Say "This is my friend X." Generally, x will either repeat his own name provoking your target to reveal his/her name or they will volunteer it themselves.

    Source: Someone with terrible memory.

    • shadow1515

      Another one is, "What's your name again?"

      Then when they reply say, "Oh no, I meant your last name."

      You get both, but if they fall for it it looks like you only forgot the last name, which is more forgivable.

      • Lythos

        That's a good one! I've also managed to pull off getting names and birth dates from drivers licenses. Only really works when you have to pull them out for a drink at a bar, but that's usually where I'm forgetting their names anyway. You make a comment about how embarrassing your photo is in your license and offer to trade to see their picture. Kind of only works well in a flirting manner.