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  • Wenjarich

    At the moment I have to go with Joshua Kadison. He's always been a random artist who my dad had the cd of and who I kind of knew a couple of his songs of.

    Then I actually listened to his cd and realised how he is such an amazing lyricist. He paints some really haunting pictures with the lyrics of some of his songs, describing how he felt invisible (invisible man) in the world, describing a woman he met in a mental hospital (dragon fly wings), discribing a waitress who never reaches her dreams (picture postcards) and others. Even the lyrics of his loves songs come across as different to thd generic formula. He sings about seeing the beauty beyong the physical looks (beautiful in my eyes) and about a woman with lofty dreams who can never make up her mind about whether she wants to be with him or not (Jesse)

    Having actually taken the time to listen to his lyrics I get the sense that he is a man who has been through many trials in his life.