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    I understand the idea that the members are readers and not writers, but wouldn't they then be the ones posting the prompts with hopes to see what the writers would create? My point was that surely when joining such a tribe you expect to either be a prompter or be a writer or both. On a site as small as Snapzu, being a lurker makes no sense. What I found kind of amusing, was that I posted a promise saying that I would respond to at least 1 or 2 prompts per weekend in /t/writingprompts. This resulted in my post being liked...but no prompts to respond to when this weekend rolled by hahaha

    It seems though that the consensus here seems to be that Snapzu may not be ready for tribes like the ones I have mentioned. It's sad but maybe that is just the truth of it. However I don't plan on giving up just yet as I would rather like certain tribes to take haha.

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