• Wenjarich (edited 5 years ago)

    Oh I completely agree that Snapzu is its own thing and has awesome aspects that allow it potential for things other sites don't have. I guess for that reason, because I enjoy being on Snapzu so much, I had simply hoped these tribes would find their footing here so I could simply stay here :P it seems at least from comments so far that the consensus is that maybe, at least for now, snapzu may not be ready for tribes such as the ones I mentioned above.

    One thing I noticed since posting this thread though, keeping in mind it may be due to the fact I'm usually on my phone, is that when I open a snap from say the front page or my following page, it doesn't tell me what tribes it was posted in. So short of following the poster I wouldn't know where to go find similar content. But I'm pretty sure that's just because I'm on my phone. ....or being blind :P

    • ttubravesrock

      on my computer when I open a snap on the front page (not the direct link, but the snap/post itself), it shows the tribes that it was posted to on the right side. I've never browsed on mobile, so I don't know how it would compare.

      • Bastou

        The right section doesn't appear on mobile. Or I haven't found the way to see this information.