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  • ohtwenty

    Have you posted any of your paintings or graffiti? Good luck this year!

    Congrats on making it out of Zeeland alive, by the way!

    • Appaloosa

      He has posted many here, of course under the radar of the posting police. We have watched him go from walls, to canvas, the walls in many cases helped children (I think maybe his most treasurable experiences), this transition to canvas, well like artists who go through phases, this too may change, but he is our resident true artist.

      • Appaloosa

        He may be a next Bob Ross, a great artist, a great person, at least in my mind.

      • Appaloosa (edited 1 year ago)
        @Appaloosa -


        In case you did not know Bob.

        His words:

        "I got a letter from somebody here a while back, and they said, 'Bob, everything in your world seems to be happy.' That's for sure. That's why I paint. It's because I can create the kind of world that I want, and I can make this world as happy as I want it. Shoot, if you want bad stuff, watch the news."

      • ohtwenty

        You make me happy.

    • Maternitus (edited 1 year ago)

      Well, yes, I have posted several works throughout my time on SnapZu (I like it better with a capital Z, but I also have a not really maintained webpage and a Facebook-page. Shame on me for the latter and for not maintaining the former. I am lazy. Lazy and old. Not really old, but the kind of age where you never really belong to a certain group. Ah, well, it must be that darn coffee again. ;-)

      Making it alive out of Zeeland could fill a decent book. Living there would make several books, eventhough you wouldn't say that, such a boring province. :-P I was the only artist in that little town, but not the town-jester, so to speak. Also not the shaman; because there were really good shamans in the town nearby (and legal, also). Their coffees were great. ;-) I was more of an entertainment than a worry for the villagers. And oh did I have to paint for really religious (Christian) folks. About 2/3rd of the town shared one of four last names and some doors held signs that said twice the same name. Cousin to cousin marriages, still today, the political party representing that demography had more influence than democratically possible, so to speak.


      The last ten years became more or less important in many ways, living, friends, girlfriends, a few of my best experiences were definetely from that period. But also the taste for canvas came around. I did three exhibitions in about a year, purely abstract canvasses. Because spraycans and canvas were no close friends at that time. I saw it as sell out to use a medium for graffiti on that small scale elitist way of expressing. But people loved the works, one exhibition sold out completely (my very first exhibition in 1990 did that too) and the others gave me more than enough connections that I still see them once in a while. From that network of people came the one I am in now. The sold out expo was also the one where people challenged me to "up the notch a little". That message stayed. :-)

      Throughout the years active as graffiti writer, I have learned to get comfortable with pretty much every medium and technique used in painting. BAM. That's a lot to take into, but 30 plus years is enough time. I knew I could do realism, because I was once asked to leave after I applied for hyperrealism on a local academy. I had to draw a Victorian bust and did just that. As the thing was, like a photo. Never done that before, honoustly. The teacher said he had nothing to teach me and that was it. Out on a roll again, no tips, no clues, nobody who could help. But in came small, but good for learning, commissions. That would be my school, together with bombing.

      Realism in graffiti is fun to create. Spraycans are so versatile and volatile at the same time, it changes a man into a control-freak. Skills, skills, skills. That was objective number one with my first tag, it still is now. A few of the bigger projects were not always realism, but a playfull version of it. Not so much cartoonish, more with colours, 3D, special effects, you know, the things you people dig to see. Add a little streetwise and there you have it. A good thing to paint alone, but not for graffiti jams. Focus. I did several realisms on jams, but not really to my satisfaction. That was pretty much the moment that I found a change needed to come, no matter what.

      Two years back I tried it on boards, canvasses, doors, name it, small scale boogie! I refuse to use stencils, because street art destroyed graffiti and is also for pussie...

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