Besides Snapzu, what sites do you browse?

8 years ago by Quietrabbit with 19 comments

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  • gremlin

    I am currently browsing Kijiji and Indeed for jobs, although tomorrow I think the interview I'll have will go well!

    When I am not doing that, I tend to browse news sites. BBC, CBC, and the New Statesmen are some examples. I am also a sucker for youtube videos.

    Ever since Snapzu, I have been not been browsing Reddit and Tumblr like I use to. I guess that's a good thing :D.

  • rosellem

    Slate though its not what it used to be, My "home town" paper, the Detroit Free Press (I like it because it gives a smaller perspective on national news), The Guardian, Gawker and Facebook on my phone, Al-Jazeera occasionally. Center for Economic and Progressive Reporting (CEPR) is a non-profit that puts out articles I stumbled a few years back. Not really browse-able, but I can't resist plugging them.

  • PushPull

    Still peruse Reddit, Google+, I have a NewsBlur account, so I'm looking through that all the time. Most of the stuff I find are through 'gateways' and I just follow the rabbit down the hole.

  • BucksinSixxx (edited 8 years ago)

    Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Al Jazeera America, BBC News, NPR, Deadspin, SB Nation. Occasionally visit SPIN and P4K

  • SevenTales

    I realised when I deleted my reddit account that I was way too dependent on Reddit for everything on the web, so I'm trying to broaden my reach a little.
    Youtube, voat (though less and less...), vg247.com for gaming news, neogaf.com, a whole lot of linux oriented sites, geocaching.com and sometimes facebook.

    • redalastor

      voat (though less and less...)

      So, what's voat looking like today? I can somewhat guess given the crowd that went there but I'd be interested to know what it looks like in the trenches.

      • SevenTales

        Well..It's eclectic and strange. You can definitely see the influences Reddit has on the community, and the resentment the community has for Reddit. There's a lot of great discussions and subverses over there, much like Reddit, it's not all bad. But as time passes, I expect that the more radical elements of Reddit will start to "shine" through on Voat, and it's already the case in some subverses. I expect Voat to turn much like Reddit, as in, if you know to stay far away from the defaults, and naviguate the niches, it should be okay.

  • RoMS (edited 8 years ago)

    In order of time spent on them: Youtube, reddit/snapzu, fallout-equestria.com/chat, linkedin, fimfiction, outlook.com, 4chan, porn (all of it, all of them... yes those too. and those too too... I'm that wicked).

  • scp440

    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_tema.htm Its a library of alternative science. Its great to go in with an open mind and kill some time while using your critical thinking skills (as opposed to just about every other way ppl kill time). Im not advocating everything on there, and neither does the host of site, because its just a collection of non mainstream science stuff. Atomic Hydrogen Welding for the win!

  • InfernoFire

    Rescreatu, Subeta, Reddit (sometimes), Stumbleupon, Nanowrimo, eBay, News sites

  • massani

    YouTube, Reddit occasionally, Pinterest.

    Also tumblr, MyVidster, and Pornhub for all my gay porn, lol.