What is your recurring dream and what do you think it means?

I think mostly everyone has had a recurring dream before, what is one of yours? What do you think it means?

I had one when I was younger that I kept having for nearly a year. I would appear in a room with no walls and no ceiling, it seemingly wen on in all directions for infinity, blurring out into a grey fog. The room did have a floor, however and it was a black and white tile floor like the ones you see in kitchens on Looney Tunes. To my immediate left was always a rich wooden staircase with a red carpet running up the middle. I couldn't see where the staircase went as it seemingly went on forever too, fading into a fog. I would always decide to climb the staircase and it would always seem to take a REALLY long time. When I finally reached the top of the staircase, I would be on a balcony made of the same wood as the staircase with a matching red carpet. I couldn't see where the balcony went except to the left where it overlooked the room I had climbed up from. I look over the railing and stare down at the floor way way way below and it looks like little black and white dots that almost make a monotone grey at this distance. I decide to climb up the railing and jump off toward the floor. I fall for a long time, longer than is proportionally possible for the amount of stairs I climbed and I love every minute of it. I wake up before I hit the ground.

I think it was about wanting freedom and independence as a child due to the emotions of the dream (I was never scared or unhappy in the dream and I enjoyed the fall). The stairs, I think, represented age and my lengthy wait to get to the "top" (adulthood) where I could decide to do whatever I wanted. This freedom, I believe, was represented by my fall.

8 years ago by neg8ivezero with 4 comments

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  • purplepoprocks

    For the last 15 years or so I've had dreams with malfunctioning elevators. Sometimes they break down and I find a way to climb out, sometimes I'm waiting for an elevator and the door opens only to have the elevator swing back and forth so i have to jump over the black nothingness to get into it, sometimes I'm inside and it's swinging and then it falls only to stop suddenly and I have to climb out. I never actually fall all the way down or get hurt in any of these dreams though...I think it's more about the feeling of not being in control or something. Regardless, it has made me hate elevators in real life, almost to the point of a phobia.

    • neg8ivezero

      I think it's more about the feeling of not being in control

      I think you hit the nail on the head, definitely a control or loss of power phobia.

  • DirtyCommie

    When I was a small child I used to have a recurring nightmare that would involve giant clothes pegs rising up from behind the radiators on the wall and pulling me in. I had this nightmare very often from about the ages of two to four. I have no idea why they started or what they meant.

    • neg8ivezero

      Hm... that's a tough one... probably undiagnosed vestixylaphobia (I made that up based on stem words... it means clothes-peg-phobia)