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What are some of your camping tips and tricks?

3 years ago by Chubros with 12 comments

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  • skeeva (edited 3 years ago)

    Tarp under your tent and tarp or EZ-UP over your tent to help stay dry.

    Air mattress under your sleeping bag is the nuts.

    No shoes in the tent!

    Zip two sleeping bags together if you wanna get, um, cozy.

    Avoid setting up in an open field. It gets really hot, really early.

    If you're in an area with a lot of other campers (festival) bring a flag with a long flag pole so you can find your campsite easily.

    Keep all food sealed up tight. Bears and other animals will get curious in the middle of the night.

    E: thought of another one. Buy a 5 gallon shower bag, (this isn't the name but I can't remember the real name) fill it with water, leave in the sun all day, warm shower at night. Profit!

    • Harold

      Went to Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago and I am so thankful that other people had flags to help navigate. The open field point is a lot bigger deal than you think, I had to sleep with my tent door open because it got so hot.

    • drunkenninja

      Keep all food sealed up tight. Bears and other animals will get curious in the middle of the night.

      This here is number one for me.

      • redalastor

        I remember my government issued pamphlet about what to do in case of bears.

      • skeeva

        Learned this one the hard way. Raccoon stole a backpack with food in it when I was a child and my dad chased it thru the woods until he dropped it.

  • hxxp

    Lots and lots of beer.

  • nicoscope

    A good machete is the shit. One with a compass in the handle. Good rope too. You can build anything with just a machete, rope and the trees you'll find outside.

    A big box of waterproof matches is better than a lighter.

    Spare batteries. Never forget to bring spare batteries.

    Bring an old-school radio. Just for weather reports.

  • oystein

    Each type of clothing in different plastic bags with different shaded colors so that they stay dry and can even be recognized in the dark.

    Food on one side of the tent and dirty stuff on the other.

  • kxh

    Keep a cupboard with all the things you need so you don't have to do the checklist thing each time.

    • cunt

      Or a bag, I have a 65 litre rucksack which can be washed and dried within 12 hours and is then re-packed with everything I need

  • carpenoctem

    1.) Pick the most popular first person shooter on the market and start playing it 2.) Find a really good place on the map that has cover, is hard to get to and has a great vantage point of a busy area (if it's a spawn area that is a bonus) 3.) Pick a good weapon and start shooting 4.) Annoy the sh1t out of people trying to play the game 5.) When you're killed/discovered/abused enough find a new spot and repeat

    Sorry - but you must've seen that coming at some point! :)

    P.S. I'm not a camper... in real life or FPS

  • AinBaya

    Just a few that i've used

    - Doritos are great kindling - Socks, if damp (after wringing them out) can be dried at the bottom of your sleeping bag - Make a clothes line (seems obvious but its incredibly useful and easy to set up if you're not in the desert