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What do you do out of pure laziness?

What do you do out of pure laziness?

2 years ago by kiltman with 11 comments

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  • FivesandSevens

    I have my dream electric guitar rig, with all the bells and whistles, perfectly set up for how/what I play. Thousands and thousands of dollars of awesomeness and guaranteed instant gratification just sitting in the other room. But I almost never play it at home because I have an acoustic guitar right by my desk and I don't want to walk 15 ft., plug in three things, and flip two switches. Twenty-something me, who worked really hard to find/buy all that gear, is so pissed off!

    • folkrav

      Donations to a poor student who had to sell all his almost-no-gear and only has a nylon string guitar left would be appreciated. ;)

      • FivesandSevens

        Hehe. I hear you - it's an unconscionable waste here at home. But in my defense, I do still use every bit of it at gigs. And in defense of my laziness: if my whole rig was next to my desk instead of my go-to acoustic, I'd never get anything done. Ever.

    • SuperCyan

      I don't have a "dream rig," but I do have a bunch of guitar stuff that never gets used. I'm in the same room as the stuff, too.

      I'd rather pick up an electric and play it clean, than plug it into an amp. I have to unplug my headphones from my desktop in order to play with an amp (house full of sleeping people), and I really don't like crawling under my desk twice when I want to play around on the guitar for a little bit.

      I'm going to build me a guitar corner with a bunch of stuff already set up soon, so I don't have to do all of that.

  • LacquerCritic

    Last week I was laying on my couch, perfectly comfortable as I read stuff on my laptop. My drink was on the coffee table out of reach, but there was a bunch of straws nearby. So I put together a mega straw and sipped my drink from the couch; it's definitely one of the most lazy, self indulgent things I've done in recent times.

  • IridescentOak

    If I'm home and nothing in the fridge or pantry can be prepared in under 5 minutes: Starve. I would literally rather go hungry than actually try to cook something.

    Old tissue boxes on my desk also frequently become trash cans if the real one is full and I don't feel like getting up to take it out.

  • jenjen1352

    Drink milk and water in pints. Three coasters - the third one for coffee. I hate having to keep getting up for drinks every five minutes.

  • Gozzin

    Cook meals ahead of time,divide them into individual portions and freeze um and nuke each in the fridge so i don't have to cook.

  • SuperCyan

    Eat out.

    There's nothing in my house to eat (and I don't grocery shop), so it's easier to swing by a place after work and grab something quick.

  • marenmor

    Cook boring food. Fail to vacuum my flat.