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Do you have a favorite kind of pen?

I used to swear by Pilot G2's, but now I'm on the lookout for something a little more fancy.

3 years ago by Zeus with 21 comments

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  • schrodingersman

    My go to pen is a fountain pen. A Lamy Safari my second favorite and really the one I use the most is a Pilot Metropolitan. Both of them are not crazy expensive fountain pens and were my first fountain pens. I love being able to change out inks when I want or nibs. I've got an italic nib for the Safari that I love writing letters with. Gives your writing a fancy look.

    • Raycu

      Fountain pen bros unite!

      • schrodingersman

        Hell yeah! Didn't realize how fun they were to write with until I bought a cheap zebra fountain at Walgreens one night on a whim. Fell in love with them.

  • WeEatTheBatman

    I use a Parker my granddad gave to me. Kind of a funny story with it; my granddad was given it by my surrogate grandmother, when he visited us in Australia. He gave it to me just before I left England to move back to Australia, so it was bought in Australia, taken to England, used by my Granddad for years, then given to me and I brought it with me to Australia. I showed it to my Aunty Betty, who remembered giving it to my granddad. I am so careful with it; it has way too much history to lose.

  • batwithahat

    I like felt-tip pens, just because the lines they produce look really good.

  • redalastor

    No matter what pen I use, I write like a retard. Too many years of exclusively using the keyboard.

    • Raycu

      If you really want to get good handwriting, get a notebook, and practice writing down every day thoughts. It's therapeutic just to write down the most inane thing, it's fun, and if you practice for long enough, you can get beautiful cursive. At least, that's how I got my cursive to look half decent.

  • Sibbhat

    Nothing too fancy, but I am totally in love love with the Pilot Precision V5. Between my two offices and my house I have dozens of them floating around. I lose pens a lot, so it's nice to have found a style that is affordable to have a lot of while also feeling and looking good.

    I also so like to do small art, normally on 3x5 cards, so having ultra fine points available in the same style/writing feeling available in enough colors to be able to play with it a plus.

  • madjo (edited 3 years ago)

    I love my 2 Pilot Metropolitans (Fine and Medium) and Pilot 78G. They are in my EDC. Also, I don't have to share my pens with other people, because they claim to be unable to write with them.

  • anonycon

    My favorite pen is the Uniball Vision Micro. It drew dark, broad lines and I love it. It's hard to find them in bricks and mortar stores, and they're expensive, so I don't use them anymore.

  • quicksand

    Former G2 user, so I know what you're looking for.

    Zebra Sarasa Push Clip, also available in 10 packs on Amazon for a bit less depending on your thickness. I prefer .4mm or .5mm. No skipping, dark black ink without bleeding through, and a clip that's fun to mess with absentmindedly.

    Honorable mention goes to Uniball Signo RT1, Pentel Energel RTX, and the Pilot Hi-Tec-C.

  • papervoid

    I started with Pilot Precise V5 then moved on to Pilot G2s. Now I'm all about that Uni-Ball Vision Elite. Anything over .5 mm is just savage.

  • PETA

    Yes, any pen which contains no animals.

  • Hedgehogjawn

    I'm switching between a Pilot G-2 and a Sharpie fine tip pen at the moment. Both are incredibly smooth and consistent in their lines. I've also got an assortment of brightly colored G-2s to use at work on my notes so I can easily tell what I wrote vs what's on the report sheet

    • Zeus

      Yeah, G2s are pretty great. The ink is fairly water resistant, so if you spill your coffee or something it won't be a total disaster. I got into G2s after we lost the directions to pick up a friend at the airport, and ever since I've been using water-resistant ink. :)

      • Fooferhill

        Love g2s-just works and works. And comfortable grip.

  • Raycu

    I like using fountain pens a lot, but if I had to choose a favorite ballpoint, or gel pen, I'd have to choose something made by Uniball. Their pens are smooth, and generally dry at an at least average rate, so they're my go to.