How do I change the snap type from unspecified?

I've posted twice now in tribes such as games, videogames and gaming and both snaps have been labeled 'unspecified.' Do I change that while making the snap, or does it take on its own label after comments are made?

8 years ago by iansane138 with 4 comments

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  • MadMonk

    There is a drop down box. You can change it when you edit the snap as well.

    • AdelleChattre

      Once you've published the snap, the type is set and at least for now, can't be changed. On the up side, that's the only thing about a snap that can't be changed after publishing. Find a better source? Change the main link. Error in the title? Fix that, no extra charge.

      • iansane138

        I love that, too. It's nice to have those options in any event you need to change something.

    • iansane138

      Yeah, I thought so. I've tried clicking it to change the type, though, and it doesn't respond. Has that happened to you?