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What do you wish more people would get into?

It could be an obscure TV show, an obvious lifehack, a genre of music or your favorite hobby. Whatever it is, you think it's awesome, and can't understand why more people aren't into it.

1 year ago by Zeus with 13 comments

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  • canuck

    Please no one say Pokemon Go.

    • kxh

      You just did.

  • IridescentOak

    The Redwall book series:
    Furries would love it, because it features anthropomorphic animals.
    Warhawks would love it, because each book features at least one battle.
    Loremasters would love it, because the setting of the books is unique and with a finely crafted history.
    Poets would love it, because each book contains multiple rhymes/songs/poems/riddles which relate to the aforementioned intricate lore.
    Writers would love it, because of the meticulous detail put into the narration.

    So if everyone could find something they enjoy about it, then just where is the fanbase at?! It baffles me!

  • xXwraithXx

    VR. It seems like progress is slowing down because there's too many problems getting people into it.

    • kxh

      It's the headaches and nausea for me. On the other hand, maybe pokemon go is the way to go. A virtual overlay on the real world. Finally a decent use for Google glasses.

      • FivesandSevens (edited 1 year ago)

        Personally, I've always been far more interested in augmented reality tech (like PG) than virtual reality. The AR demo that Microsoft did (jump to 2:13) at their annual to-do a year or so ago really cemented my opinion on this. There's tons of good and important applications for both, but AR seems to have much more potential for enriching my daily life. Hopefully PG will create more interest in AR tech and its future. Google Glass was an unfortunate way to introduce the idea and, IMO, put people off a great idea by leading with some of its most intrusive applications. As my teenage son (pretty insightfully, I think) said: they should design and sell it as augmented imagination, not augmented reality or Google Eyeballs™.

        Edit: added link

    • drunkenninja

      I think once the technology is ready, we will see a lot more people jump in. The current lag and low resolution displays are making people motion sick, and that's never a good thing :D

  • Bastou

    Language learning, or generally getting interested in peoples and cultures outside of one's own. Until one has learned one's first foreign language and experienced that different way of seeing the world, one cannot feel true empathy for other that one's own.

  • grandsalami

    Paintballing. It's so hard to find people to go with regularly, even during the nicer months.

    • Matt0Int

      I've always wanted to give paintball a go but none of my friends or family seem interested. I just think it'd be a bunch of fun.

  • elemental (edited 1 year ago)

    "a genre of music".

    When I sit and draw I'll find a playlist on youtube to listen to. I was kind of not really listening to it until I heard this kickass heavy speed metal song. The band/ group is BabyMetal. I had to research who this was and found out its a combination of a J-Pop teen girls group paired with a heavy metal band. The energy of the band is phenomenal. Lady Gaga invited them to a concert or a tour. But their sound, style and look is something I found totally entertaining except none of my friends will listen to it.


    My normal music is The Cars, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, etc...