Text Post: What should every home have? posted by aj0690
  • pixelboot

    Apparently. Hahaha I would never downvote a post I personally disagreed with, but this is pretty homophobic. I think homophobia is not so much an "opinion" issue as it is a basic human rights and mutual respect issue. It just boils my blood so hard.

    • GeniusIComeAnon

      You might be reading a bit much into it. It's not necessarily homophobic. It could just be what came to mind for them when they think of "home." When I think of the word home, I picture a house out on the country side with a hill nearby and a tree. I picture a child, a mother, and a father. I literally never had what I picture when I think of the word home. I'm not homophobic just because I don't picture a gay couple as the parents.

      • pixelboot

        But the question wasn't "what do you picture when YOU think of home" is was "what should EVERY home have".

    • cailihphiliac

      Not just homophobic, it's also dismissive of single parent homes, childless homes, and any other "non-conventional living arrangement"

      • Qukatt

        also dismissive of people who are the mothers and fathers and dont live with their mothers and fathers.

        No way I'd live with my parents again (they cant even live with each other anymore).. let alone my husband's parents.

    • Appaloosa

      Really? Now It's homophobic. Wow. Any other label you want to put in there? Misogynist maybe. I'm sure you have a whole list of words that express your indignation at whatever you feel needs to be addressed.