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  • monkeydude9393

    So far I am really liking it here although there are a few things I could stand to see improved.

    - Beautiful interface
    - Nice community
    - Easy to understand and get used to everything
    - The invite system helps keep out trolls and spammers

    - Slow response time to servers (although this could just be due to the fact that the servers have been overloaded lately)
    - It is hard to navigate back to things you have viewed or upvoted (in reddit there were tabs in your profile to make it easy to navigate back to things you have viewed)
    - No save feature for posts or comments
    - No way to mass consume non-image content ( I used RES and liked that I didn't have to navigate away from the page to view most content, it would be nice to see those features implemented into the actual website)
    - No mobile support

    • jarekb84

      As to your second con, there is a way to do this, just not as easy as Reddit had. Click on the home icon, select Following Feed, then click on the Me filter. This will show all your activity, including comments, snaps, text posts, ect...

      Here's a tutorial gif showing the above action.