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  • neg8ivezero

    I didn't.

    Currently I use Voat.co, Reddit.com, AND Snapzu.com. They each fill a different role for me. You see, I love thoughtful discussion but some times I just want to see what's happening and browse interesting links/videos/pics. Reddit is still pretty good for the latter and eventually Voat will be good enough to replace it, I think.

    1. Voat is what I am looking at to eventually replace Reddit as I don't like all the politics and hate going on with Reddit. I mainly use it to keep up with current topics and trends as well as find interesting tidbits of info. It has been better than Reddit for the most part. People are less angry and hateful and the voting system is much better than Reddit. I am really just waiting for their enhancement suite to be officially released so I can hide posts after I have read them. At that point, I will drop Reddit altogether. Voat has more content than Snapzu and the format for the content is easier to consume. I also like that I can tell which links I have seen already, this makes browsing easier than Snapzu.

    2. Snapzu is my source for interesting, polite, and thoughtful conversation. I am here because the community here is AMAZING! Snapzu has NOT been a good replacement for Reddit, however, as it doesn't seem to have near as much interesting content and the navigation/use is cumbersome at best. As of now, most non-text posts are reposts from reddit or simply not noteworthy. I think a lot of this has to do with how voting is done but the majority is most likely due to having a smaller community. I generally agree with the philosophy behind the downvote on Snapzu but the drawback is that a lot of crap floats to the top. Also, as much as I love some of the innovative features on Snapzu, the UI is pretty confusing. Furthermore, there are a LOT of features that need to happen before Snapzu could become a viable content aggregator for me. (ability to hide posts after being read, ability to view one's own comment history with visible scores, an enforcement policy for the down vote policy, and the ability to have all links open in a new tab)

    3. Reddit is the ex girlfriend who still hasn't completely moved out of my house. I still see her from time to time- I get in about 10 minutes of catching up before a fight breaks out and I leave. Won't be long now.