• ChrisTyler

    It's not about choosing Snapzu over Voat for me, it's about moving away from the practice of having one site (Reddit) account for such a large amount of my time. I don't think that as Reddit dies (and it is dying), there's going to be a single alternative that replaces it;. I think people are tired of seeing this same scenario play out over and over, every few years. This happened with MySpace, it happened with Digg, and now it's happening to Reddit. I think when the dust settles this time, instead of a "new Reddit" there will be several viable Reddit alternatives that take over the market.

    • douglas77

      several viable Reddit alternatives

      Although this is obvious, it did totally not occur to me. Thanks for the insight!

      • PrismDragon (edited 8 years ago)

        Yeah. It's alright to have different, smaller sites for differing focuses. After all, you cannot please everyone. That's why I am registered on Voat, Empeopled, and here.

        • Downtide

          I have done almost the same: here, Empeopled, Stacksity and Commentum. I'm not going to bother with Voat.