• Boop

    For me, I chose Snapzu over Voat because Snapzu seems to promote discussion. As well, the community prefers the upvote button over downvote, which contributes to a positive environment.

    Voat at first seemed like the best alternative to Reddit, but quickly I realized why it would not work - it's almost a direct clone of Reddit. There's a reason why people are dissatisfied with Reddit, and I can't place my bets on a website that can't improve on another's failures.

    I have high hopes for Snapzu because of the team behind it. They are aware of the needs of its users and are always looking to improve where other websites are lacking.

    • fewt

      Completely agree with this, I found Snapzu by way of a friend mentioning it in IRC and doing homework as I had been looking for a Reddit alternative for a while now. Snapzu seems to promote and reward positive discussion rather than being just another Reddit clone and it's still somewhat ground floor which I personally like.

    • Anthaller

      I didn't see this before I posted my very similar comment. I think you hit it perfectly.