After the war, the only remaining human is you, what would you do?

5 years ago by VenStroto90 with 12 comments

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  • a7h13f (edited 5 years ago)

    I'd never accept that I was "The Last One". I'd spend the rest of my days exploring the post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of other survivors. I'd befriend an animal on the way (or if I got really desperate, a volleyball), and try as best I could to hold on to my sanity.

  • Loki

    I wouldn't give up that I was the last person. I'd probably start writing a chronicle of the history of mankind to the best of my ability. I'd go to a library and study multiple languages, and I'd just tell the same story in as many languages as possible, and try to leave behind a big rosetta stone for the future.

    While also always holding on to the hope someone else made it.

  • ClarkKent

    If I had ample time, I would genetically engineer a baby. Figure out a way to carry this process and pass it on to my future kids and eventually restart the population. I would have a lot of research and with no one else around ample time to figure everything out and make mistakes and not worry about being judged.

    Also, since I am the only human start training the superior animals to work for me.

  • LimitedMind

    Try and find Princess Bubblegum and stay away from the Ice King

  • ReverendEntity

    It depends. If there was still electricity, I'd probably sit and write music as long as I had power for my computer. If there was no electricity, I might walk to the city library to read. Or more than likely, I'd just have that last drink and put a bullet in my head.

  • LacquerCritic

    I'd be genuinely shocked if I survived any war as my survival instincts aren't the greatest and I'm not particularly well adapted to surviving in the rough. I'd probably cry for a long while and then realise that I was only furthering my dehydration, which would make me even sadder. I'd probably start going scavenging and hoarding stuff, crying every time I found some semblance of a human life. I hope I'd still be in the area that I am, as lots of foods grow naturally here (very fertile) and there's lots of rain (so lots of fresh water). If there were any pharmacies left I'd probably just go source out a bunch of pain meds and kill myself, to be honest. I'd be embarrassed to be humanity's last remnant.

  • captainjib

    I don't think I'd be in a very sound state of mind, being completely alone and having lost everyone I love. I think that the only thing worth doing at that point would be cleaning up and fixing as much as I can, to make as much of the world safe for post-human life as possible. By this I mean things like shutting off power grids so that everything will be safer for the remaining life. Between all remaining houses, cars, and stores, I should be able to sustain myself long enough to make at least a bit of a difference for the world before I'm gone.

    If the world were destroyed too much, though, I don't think that there would be much of a point in me lingering around just to eventually die of exposure or starvation.

  • SaberSabre

    How am I supposed to know what was I going to do without knowing what happened during the war? If the internet was still up I would probably try to find someone but if it was down I would probably have a large collection of the internet archived. If the war happened tomorrow, right when I woke up, and ended at the end of the day then I would probably try to find all the necessities I needed to live. So, it depends on the context of the war and how long it lasted. If during the time it happened and it seemed very grimed then I would have taken the precautions to help increases the survival later on.

  • leetmoaf (edited 5 years ago)

    I guess I would try to occupy time I had by domesticating vicious animals like wolverines, bears, mountain lions, crows, and squirrels. I would also try my hand at building electronics to make my life more convenient.

  • Fooferhill

    Go to a library and find some good books on survival. grow food, learn to shoot etc. I figure if I survived others did too and they'll be looking. I'm already pretty self sufficient where I am.

  • Lythos

    If you want an honest answer? I'd probably sleep for a really long time, only getting up to forage for food and water. I get depressed when I'm alone, and when I'm depressed I sleep.