• DrunkOldMan
     Long time ago, trying to save my first marriage, got told, "I love you but I'm not IN love with you." Man at the time that hurt and realize that this relationship was done. Running a crew at a shop, had a couple of young guys out of high school working for the summer, lunchtime, one of them got some food down the wrong pipe and was already turning blue, so at first I thought they were just fuking around (Kids) till someone screamed "He's choking!!" Got up and slapped the DDT (heimlich) move on him and pretty much saved his life. Sat back down as he's thanking me etc. Come to find out he was the big bosses son! He came down and personally thanked me, the kid came back the next day and got me a card for saving his life. I thought that was a pretty cool Hallmark moment.