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How often do you reboot your computer?

4 years ago by 8mm with 11 comments

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  • CrookedTale

    I shut my computer down when it is not in use. Basically a rule of thumb for me because of the waste of electricity and it also stops any automatic updates that may run when I am not on it. Every piece of electronics has a lifespan set in hours of use. Those hours add up if it is always on.

  • Gozzin

    When I go to bed, or have nothing to do on it/

  • smithcmau

    I probably shut down once a month but put it to sleep every night. I am the person that likely gets spied on through my computer, because of my bad habits.

  • Fuyu

    I shut it down every night when I go to bed. I also tend to reboot it at least once a day because Windows 10 seems to dislike my browser (or the other way around) and it crashing usually crashes my start menu as well and I've found it just easier to reboot.

  • kxh

    I only reboot when I have to, about once every 2 to 4 weeks and only because there's a security update that requires a reboot or it develops an odd quirk that seems to require it. Other than that I put it to sleep and wake it up several times a day. I usually put it to sleep when I'm not using it.

  • moe

    I put my Surface to sleep a few times a day, though there's often a few weeks between reboots. My desktop hasn't been shut down or put to sleep for a couple of months now; it's almost always performing some CPU-intensive compression/encoding for my personal storage since I prefer to keep my media at near-source quality and file sizes at a minimum.

  • hitthee (edited 4 years ago)

    Depends on the computer

    my laptop? when I'm not using it.

    My all in one ? meh. I really don't like the thing so 2 months ago... the last time I used it... damn waste of money. I thought it would be a cool replacement for my venerable desktop but no. I hate it. I may power it up for its free windows 10 upgrade though lol.

    My old ass desktop? ummmm there was a power blackout two months ago lol. In all the years I've owned it the computer has only been powered down when it was disconnected to move, being cleaned or when there was no power available. The last time I shut it off because it wasn't in use ..... yeah it has to be about 10 years now. Every computer I own is connected to "Old Bob" in one way or another.

  • jenjen1352

    Every morning now that upgrading to Windows 10 and downgrading back to Windows 7 buggered up the sleep function so I have to shut it down at bedtime instead. On the plus side, it boots much faster now...

  • JTtheGhost

    My computer handles sleep sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't, so I just shut it down today. Sometimes at night I shut it down, but if I'm doing something in particular on it (AFK in a game for a reason or something) I don't shut it down. Otherwise I do. Normally at least once every few days I get a shutdown in and end up cold booting it.

  • Francopoli

    The server in the house reboots when the updates demand it. The game rig stays off unless I am gaming. The 'daily driver' PC running Mint gets rebooted maybe once a week or so. The laptop stays off unless it is needed. The cell phone (basically a computer) get rebooted very rarely.