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What features do you guys think snapzu is missing?

Hey just curious about what other users thought was missing from snapzu.

3 years ago by skinnyboy with 11 comments

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  • TheDylantula (edited 3 years ago)

    There's a few things I think it's missing:

    1. Dark theme. Please please please I want this

    2. Flairs. Those would be really helpful

    3. I'd like a page like Reddit's where you can quickly look through your comment history. Not necessary, but it'd be nice.

    Other than these though, I'm loving the site <3

  • Spooky

    Perhaps a bit more explanation of how things work. I can't seem to find out what following users is all about and the UI can be confusing at first.

    • sixstorm

      Agreed. I've only been here a day, started a Tribe and I'm still a little confused on the defaults . . .

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

  • MadMonk

    Flairs, but those are important for my tribes, since they are medical.

  • phosphorescent

    Everything TheDylantula said, but i'd love it if links would actually change color after you've clicked them. It'd make browsing a lot faster.

  • kevino025

    There is only one thing that I would really like to see. Opening links in a new tab. I know you can use ctrl+click or middle mouse click, but I got used to reddits option on doing so automatically that I keep forgetting it. Its such a small thing but its driving me crazy.


    An app is necessary for any social media like website. I would really love a way to donate to the site as well and a gilding feature. I'm sure there is more I will think of but this is what I have right now.