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Favorite TV Series?

3 years ago by Quietrabbit with 11 comments

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  • Teska

    I've got a few, and I'm sure there will be a groan when I say this .... but Firefly is by far one of my favorites. Other notables are Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Buffy/Angel.

  • woo (edited 3 years ago)

    My favorite series of all time would have to be The Hour. A BBC series following the staff of a Cold War-era news show, with conspiracy, corruption, and espionage thrown into the mix. Unfortunately it wasn't renewed for a third season (why, BBC, why?), but the first two are stellar and tell self-contained stories—the ending won't leave you hanging.

    Broadchurch (the first season especially), State of Play, and The Game are also in my tops. As for currently-airing shows, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and Mr. Robot.

  • Gozzin

    Babylon5 and MASH.

    • Hedgehogjawn

      <3 MAS*H. I grew up watching it since my dad is a huge history buff.

  • MyAnacondaDoes

    Rick and Morty, easily. We recently have had some of the best television of all time for sci-fi and comedy fans, and more is coming in about a week. Self referential and self aware to the n-th degree.

  • Hedgehogjawn

    BBC's Sherlockis my top favorite, but right now I'm getting back into Dragonball because Dragonball Super is coming out each week. I grew up on DB and DBZ and this is a huge nostalgia trip for me. I love the shows, the story, the art, all of it. I know it's sometimes given a bad wrap, but seriously, everyone should give it a shot. Start at Dragonball and work your way forward. It's my all time favorite anime series and I've watched a lot. Also, it seems like, in Super, that they're actually taking more time to flesh out the characters and the universe rather than just setting up each fight. Lord Beerus and Whis have distinct personalities and are totally likeable as characters rather than just as villains and that has me really excited.

  • cailihphiliac

    I like silly programs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, and Community (it peaked with season 3).

  • InfernoFire

    That is a difficult question! I love crime shows but Criminal Minds have a special spot in my heart because it was my first crime series, I saw.