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  • eggpl4nt

    The Office. Kind of. I actually found it pretty funny and I enjoyed watching the first couple of seasons multiple times, but a season or two after Michael leaves, I just kind of stop. It all feels kind of same-old same-old. No matter what "new" thing happened, it just didn't seem new. Kind of like spraying Febreeze in an old room instead of opening a window and letting in fresh air.

    However, I really enjoyed Parks and Recreation, which is filmed in the same style as The Office. I felt that Parks & Rec was so much more interesting, lively, and had more of a story going in it than The Office. So glad I watched it.

    Also, Rick and Morty. My boyfriend thought I'd find it so funny. We watched the pilot and to me it was just awful. Burping, farting, vomit, unattractive art and animation, mediocre jokes. I don't get that hype at all.

    • cunt

      I find the american Office to be watchable but the UK office absolutely atrocious. Can't think of any programmes with Gervais in it that I like other than an Idiot abroad and even then he spoils it.

      • picklefingers

        Honestly, I absolutely LOVE Gervais, but I don't love watching him. He is an incredibly smart comedian and just a funny person to watch be them, but I honestly don't think it transfers well to TV. I just love him in Podcasts, interviews, award speeches, quirky tweets, clips of his laugh, etc.

    • Ajwerth

      Parks and rec is good because of Amy Poehler. Anything that Amy Poehler or Tina Fey have something to do with is usually awesome. 30 Rock, Unbreakable, I'm looking forward to the new Wet Hot American summer show on netflix.