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Whats your rules on dropping a series?

Personally my rule is to never drop a series no matter how tortured I am watching it. Black Rock Shooter and Texhnolyze come to mind. The reason I never drop a series is so I can properly complain about it later. Also you never know it could redeem itself, a recent one I watched that did exactly that was Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Took quite a while, but it did.

What is your rules on dropping a series?

3 years ago by Crator with 13 comments

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  • RenegadeMizu

    I won't drop a series unless it completely bores me to death. If it's just bad, I can usually make fun of how bad it is. If I can't even do that, it's getting dropped.

  • the7egend

    I'll usually watch the first 3 episodes, if it doesn't really interest me, I'll drop it. Or if I've heard good things about it, I'll try to stick through the entire series, even if I end up not liking it.

  • Lay

    Dropping a series, when it absolutely bores me to death/ fails to catch my attention. But before doing that I usually give the first 3 episodes a try.

    • Crator

      I used to follow this exact method. However I have found I like to describe why I didn't like something. There is also the saying you learn more from bad art then good.

  • Gelidaer

    I just stop watching something if I feel like I'm forcing myself to watch the next episode. I put it on hold if I found it interesting and think I can manage to watch it later (I restart most of the time) and drop it if I really didn't like it. This can be after I watched the first couple of episodes or if I'm already halfway into the series.

    • Goronmon (edited 3 years ago)

      This sums up my sentiment. I'm not going to spend hours watching a show I'm not liking just for the sake of finishing it.

      • Gelidaer

        I don't understand people that force themselves to finish everything. Why force yourself when there's so much good stuff to watch?

    • Raycu

      I'm like that too.

  • Raycu

    If I don't feel like watching the next episode I'll stop watching until I do feel like watching the next episode. If I never feel like watching the next episode, I guess I dropped it.

  • feruzor

    For currently airing stuff: basically just drop when I'm bored with it and can't be arsed to continue it. Maybe put it on hold or something. Maybe pick up again after it's finished airing.

    For stuff that's already finished: give it a set number of episodes, and if not hooked, safely drop. I'll usually ask someone who has watched the show how many episodes of it I need to watch before I decide whether or not to drop. Neon Genesis Evangelion, any Key show (Air, Clannad, Little Busters, Charlotte), any Ikuhara show (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum, Yurikuma Arashi), and Hunter X Hunter for example are shows that either get better or change as they go on and giving them just 3 episodes isn't enough in my opinion.

  • Tadaima

    For airing series I'll give them 2 or 3 episodes before I drop. I usually start with 20 or so series that interest me, and I used to finish them all even if I wasn't really into them but these days I try to whittle it down to 10-12. Occasionally there are shows that I know right away I won't dig and might stop halfway through the first episode. There's only so much time to watch and my backlist has a lot of shows I'm actually excited to watch.

    I don't think I've ever dropped a completed show... however sometimes they do get moved down to the dreaded "on hold" section if I'm not in the mood for them at the moment.

  • microfracture (edited 3 years ago)

    I watch the first three episodes. If the series has not succeeded in pulled me in by then I generally will immediately drop it.

  • Seb

    I try to avoid it but I stopped watching death note a few weeks ago and I'm struggling to pick it back up.