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State of the Tribe - July 12, 2015

New Management:

As of today, I have become chief of /t/Anime, so for the time being I'll be trying to grow this community to the best of my ability, hopefully some of you will help it along the way and we can build a great community here together.

Episode Discussions:

Currently, I am the only one submitting episode discussions, and it's hard to keep up with adding them all manually since bots currently aren't allowed in any form/function on the site. Hopefully that'll change with the API and we can automate this. But till then, I am looking for some volunteers to help submit episode discussions on currently airing anime. There isn't a set in stone template, but you can look at the previous ones I've submitted and get an idea of how they should look. Anyone can submit an Episode discussion so long as it doesn't already exist.


We don't have any moderators currently, but we also haven't really had anything that really needs moderating, but that's beside the point. I'm looking to appoint 2 moderators for the Tribe. I don't feel like being Judge Dredd and being "the law", so you can either post here with your application, or send me a PM as to why you should be a mod here.

End of Line:

I tried to keep this post short, looking mostly for feedback from everyone here or ideas on how to run things, discussions, weekly megathreads, etc.

4 years ago by the7egend with 1 comments

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  • Tadaima

    One of the threads they do on reddit that is successful is the weekly "What did you watch this week that isn't currently airing". I think that one would be a good one to adapt for this site. Maybe a weekly recommendation or suggestions thread.

    I think with the user base still small discussion threads for individual shows might struggle for awhile, but I hope more people come in and take part in them.