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What Did You Watch This Week? (Week 4)

Hallo! Welcome to the weekly thread for you to talk about whatever you've
watched this past week. Since there aren't enough regulars here to keep
per-episode threads alive, airing anime are also welcome for now.

Please elaborate on your thoughts on the show instead of just providing a synopsis.
Make sure to use spoiler tags as well: [TEXT]‚Äč(#spoiler)

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3 years ago by moe with 5 comments

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  • DZPt

    This week I've watched some Symphogear in an attempt to catch up with the syncplay. I then went out drinking during the actual syncplay so I'm behind again.

    I was quite behind OPM but I marathoned it and I'm now caught up. This show looks so amazing. Not that it's surprising looking at the manga. Tank-top Black Hole is a dink.

    I watched a single episode of Lance N' Masques for @moe. Why is he watching this shit? It hurts my heart. Where is my time paradox babby?

    Watched some Owari no Seraph. It's still giving strong Yaoi vibes. Good Fujoshit bait.

    • moe

      As one must experience pain to know joy, one must experience Lance N' Masques to know good anime.

      • DZPt

        Correction: I watched all available episodes of Lance N' Masques. I can still feel a dull ache in my chest.

        • moe

          Yo, yo! Only 1d14h 'til the next episode! You hype, dawg?

          • DZPt

            Damn right, fam.