[Spoilers] Senki Zesshou Symphogear — Episodes 3-4 Discussion

Episode titles: Passing in the Night / Falling Tears

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Episode Durations: 23 minutes and 46 seconds / 23 minutes and 46 seconds

Previous episodes:
   • [Episodes 1-2]

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5 years ago by moe with 11 comments

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  • ExileOasis

    is gud still

    • DZPt

      Incredible review OxaliEises. 8.6/10 - IGN

  • Moonhowler22

    I only caught the tail of end Ep 3, but I heard there was a shirt-partway-off talk. Nothing more necessary. 10/10.

    Ep 4 had great camera work. Lots of great angles, very important stage-setting shots. Lots of plot. What's a show without plot?

    Excited for Ep 5 and 6.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Slothrop

    Actually enjoyed these two episodes, they were just bad enough, and in just the right ways to make them wonderful. The new girl does nothing for me, but for whatever reason, I love that she has eye protection included in her suit. That just makes a world of difference.

    Still don't care about any of them as characters, I actually think the best thing that can happen to any of them at this point is to die. They'd be far more interesting dead.

    • moe

      Don't check out the sequels' key visuals.
      Jelly girl confirmed not ded :'(

    • DZPt

      Vicious. Do you like MC since she died in the very first OP and is clearly a zombie now?

      • Slothrop

        I think that's the best thing the show has done so far. If they had not opened the show with that bit of foreshadowing, I don't think there'd be any incentive to continue watching. It would have just been another strange amalgamation of otaku pandering wish fulfillment/power fantasy/moe eye candy without that.

        I'm just dying to see her die!