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  • internethermit

    Thanks for the reply, I'm certainly considering taking the ads out for the next build, at least until the UX is much improved.

    I have tried to incorporate as much functionality as I can into the webview; a menu for tribes, login, and frontpage layouts. As well as introducing text zoom options, which I thought helped a lot. Maybe I'm just seeing the app in a kinder light because I made it...

    • cunt

      I would suggest having a donation option, more people are likely to spend money that way - less likely to get annoyed with your app.

      Wait for the API to arrive and you'll be a lot better off developing the app

      • internethermit

        Thanks for the suggestion, /u/cunt.

        Couldn't resist ;)

      • double2

        oh. my. god. when I was trying to select a username, this was exactly the kind of thing I was trying to find in my mind, instead I gave up. I am severely disappointed in myself.

    • xg549

      I think that as a rule of thumb you should never include ads on an app that is merely a platform for a service that isn't yours. If you built and published a game, reference tool, etc, by all means insert ads, but in this case it's kind of unfair to snapzu for you to be profiting off adviews while users visit their site. A donation option is fine for people who appreciate your app, but you shouldn't impose monetization.

    • jmcs

      Just one question because I never done android development. How easy/hard is it to inject user styles in a webview?

      • redalastor

        Roughly the same as in a regular browser.

      • internethermit

        It depends on the website, I've been trying to inject JavaScript to change the styling of certain elements but it's breaking the entire page every time. I'm still working on it though, I'll be trying to incorporate JSoup soon, hopefully that might be the workaround I need.