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  • ottermatic

    She's the interim CEO. I'm getting the feeling they're just keeping Pao around because she already had a bad rep, so it's really easy to blame problems on her. They let her be "in charge" for a little while, implement some unpopular changes that they've wanted to do for a while, and let Pao take the negative hit for it. Then once they've implemented all the changes they want to make, they can let Pao go and seem like the "good guys" for it.

    Maybe a little bit conspiracy theorist, but it's not entirely unheard of. We'll just have to wait and see.

    • Rothulfossil

      As conspiracy theories go, that's not a terrible one. There are a lot of variables in play, though, so it'll be interesting to see which way the winds blow over the next few weeks going into months.

      • ottermatic

        All I know for sure is whatever happens on Reddit, I'm going to be watching from over here on Snapzu. It's nicer here.

    • GiantWalrus

      Taking lessons in political strategy from Baron Harkonnen, I see.

      • double2

        And the British conservative party. Look at what Michael Gove has been tasked with over the past few years. they keep the nastiest work for him to limit the character damage to their party.