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Published 4 years ago with 4 Comments

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  • Autumnal

    It seems a lot of his concerns could be abated by ending the war against drugs, mass legalization, improving mental health services, and RFID tagging firearms. Along those lines, why not hold the buyer of weapons responsible for any action of the firearm, even if stolen? Best believe people would be locking up their guns then. If only we could have firearms DNA tagged like in Dredd.

    • the7egend

      Eliminating the war on drugs, mass legalization and improving mental health services are all good ideas, and it's surprising why we haven't had more of a push for these things, but firearms is a delicate matter, if you go putting RFID chips into new guns, you're going to have a surge in home burglaries as well as increase the black market for weapons, you'd just be replacing the war on drugs with a war on weapons. As for holding people accountable, it's a fine line, if the gun was accidentally discharged by a child for negligence, you should be held accountable, child endangerment, felony charge, no longer allowed to buy firearms, but if someone comes into your house, breaks into a gun safe and steals that weapon, it wouldn't be logical to charge the owner with manslaughter just because his gun was stolen.

      It's not as cut and dry as people want to believe.

      • Autumnal (edited 4 years ago)

        If someone breaks into a house and is able to steal a gun from a safe, I have to imagine that a better safe could have been purchased. Gun owners shouldn't spare any expense on safes, it's literally protecting their lives and the lives of others.

        Edit: Using the word "your" when I didn't mean you, 7egend. It seemed aggressively phrased.

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