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  • ObiWanShinobi (edited 3 years ago)

    It's just a case of a larger crowd holding more diverse opinions. The nature of reddit allowed for small (or large) clubs of people with similar interests, is it so strange that it eventually drew people with interests that are distasteful?

    At the same time, hate speech and distasteful opinions are different beasts, and people were getting censored, their little, private clubs stamped out, with no proper outlet to vent their frustration or complain. It was just done without even an announcement till people started speaking up.

    Yesterday my cousin posted a rant that we weren't allowed to judge her for being against gay marriage because it's just an opinion, and you should be able to freely (ie without any consequences) express opinions.

    She's right. Well, I mean, half right. You can judge your cousin all you want for being against gay marriage, but she has the right to that opinion, just as you have the right to your opinions on that opinion.

    She also might be mistaking the freedom to express an opinion with the privilege of not being called on a shitty opinion, which are also two very different things. If she wanted to express these opinions without criticism, maybe she could go to a subreddit for that... Oh wait, no they banned some of those.

    As far as I'm concerned, Reddit has outlined itself as a non Free Speech supporting platform. If people want to hate fat people, but do it privately in their own subreddit, without actually trying to attack or threaten anyone, where is the harm in that? If there was doxing, that was wrong, and the people behind it should have been banned, not the whole subreddit.

    • Nerdeiro

      She also might be mistaking the freedom to express an opinion with the privilege of not being called on a shitty opinion, which are also two very different things.

      When me and my siblings were kids, Mom always said to us "You said what you wanted and heard what you didn't" after calling us on our bullshit. But seems people today developed an aversion to this. Disagreement is frowned and even attacked, no one seems interested in debate, discussion or exchange of ideas. It's either blind agreement or open conflict, usually resorting to claims of emotional injury.

      I'm 41, I always tried to keep my mind fresh and young, follow the changes in the world like I was 15, but I think age is finally catching up with me, because I can't stop asking "What the hell is happening with world ?"