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Published 8 years ago by sjvn with 1 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    I have an original Roku 2, not the newer version, and while it's a good device, I'd much rather have an android based player so I can add things like KODI to it. I like having the ability to play anything I can throw at the device through KODI as well as the ability to easily stream things to it, I have Plex for my Roku for that, but I find I prefer the KODI way and library system. The best thing that Roku has going for it is that they don't own any content so they're willing to work with anybody and everybody and that supposedly means more options if the big guys starting trying to get exclusives from one another. I just wish they had a quality control unit for the thousands of apps in their store that aren't worth a crap.

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